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Engine of Quentin Roosevelt plane

description of suposed engine Quentin Roosevelt's aircraft


suposed engine Quentin Roosevelt's plane

The supposed engine of Quentin Roosevelt's aircraft is now is the hall of Chateau-Thierry Mayor's House and will be transfered in the future M.A.F.A (maison de l'amitié franco-américaine) location.

Accordind to the United States Airforce Museum and American Aviation Historical Society, Santa-Ana, California, this in not the true Nieubort 28 plane engine which was powered by an 150 HP Gnome Monosoupape 9N Rotary Engine. The relic is an Hispano-Suiza Engine.

There is a plate to explain that this is not the Quentin Roosevelt aircraft, the engine is displayed to represent the spirit of Americans pilots at that time and to honors their memories.


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