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Aisne-Marne Belleau Wood 2008

belleau_comemoration_jc_gutner_2008-23.jpgThe united States and France fraternally commemorate the anniversary of the battles at Belleau Wood, who take place ninety years ago.
On June 6, 1918, the 4th Brigade of the Marine Corps, commanded by General James J. Harbord, received the order to retake Belleau Wood, launched three extremely violent attacks that utterly stopped the Germans troops that were less than 90 kilometers from Paris. During the battles, the Marines show the highest qualities of heroism, courage and tenacity.
The price of victory bought by Marines blood was heavy : on June 6, 1.087 Marines were killed or wounded, far more than the Corps had know since its creation in 1775, during the three week of combats, losses reached almost 5,200 men, more than half of the Marines Brigade.
The sacrifice of these men, ninety years ago sealed in blood the unshakeable ties that bind these countries


Were present to honorate theirs memories:

  • The Honorable Craig R. Stapleton, Ambassador of the United States of America to France.
  • General James Conway, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, Headquarters, US.M.C.
  • General Elrick Irastrorza, Major general “Armée de Terre”.
  • Miss Monique Benier, Mayor of Belleau

and other personality.